The Community Assistance Department is the foremost frontline of service. We assist either directly or indirectly (through referrals) approximately 15,000 individuals each year. Though our scope of service is set five distinct areas (rent/mortgage, utilities, emergency financial assistance, emergency food, and bus tokens, transportation assistance, we make a heartfelt attempt to assist all who call.) we make a heartfelt attempt to assist all who call.

For more information, contact the Community Services & Outreach Department
323.733.8300 ext. 2272 or 2371

Services managed by this department include:

Case Management

Transportation Assistance-Tokens

Tokens are provided to assist individuals and families in transportation in these areas: shelter, medical, job search, non-medical emergencies, and case management services. Periodically taxi vouchers are given to assist our senior population and those traveling to emergency shelter.

Employment Referrals

Although the CAD is not set up as an employment agency, we provide information to assist individuals seeking permanent, temporary, and day labor. We refer individuals to various places such as One Stops, Temporary Agencies, and agencies that assist in the development of skills that better qualify them for consistent work.

Although we receive calls for many things that we do not handle, we make the heartfelt attempt to connect people with positive referrals.

Food/Nutrition Programs

We provide emergency food to individuals and families once every month, or sooner if extreme circumstances dictate otherwise. The emergency food is of a non-perishable (canned good items) nature.

Emergency Housing Referrals

S.H.I.E.L.D.S. Navigator On-site

The CAD, though not in operation of any shelters, works along with those seeking emergency shelter by: assisting in the location of shelters, providing appropriate shelter referrals, while, attempting to help those in need navigate toward more permanent housing and self sufficiency.

Homes, Apartments, and Rooms – We provide assistance to those seeking regular, subsidized (Section 8) and low income housing. We do not have any connection with the Section 8 process. We work along with the West Angeles Housing Department to direct those seeking housing.

We work to assist those with referrals in need of Transitional Living and Substance Abuse Programs. These programs are designed to provide a structured environment conducive to the total recovery of those with such addictions.

Utility Services

The CAD serves as a host site many other community agencies to operate their programs through services such as Energy Assistance Programs, Southern California Edison (SCE), Turkey Giveaway, and Christmas Toy Giveaway.